Taking Care of your Leather

Sharkborough is dedicated to creating artisan leather products that stand the test of time.  That’s why we feel it’s our duty to equip customers like you with the knowledge you need to keep your products in the best possible shape and ensure they look as good tomorrow as they do today.  

Our leather products are made with top-quality full-grain, vegetable-tanned calfskin.  Calfskin retains its shape better than other leathers and is designed to withstand abrasions and harsher weather than something like lambskin.  Full-grain also means that we don’t sand our leather, so our hides stay stronger for longer and show more of their natural marbling and texture.  The vegetable tanning process is more environmentally friendly than other methods and is less damaging to the leather itself. This means a longer lasting product and an elegant burnished pattern that will keep evolving over time.     

All this means that our leather is versatile and resilient, but not necessarily invincible.  As such, we’ve prepared a list of quick tips that will make it simple and easy for you to get the most life out of your new purchase.


If you want to keep your leather in peak shape and stop it from sagging, consider buying a quality leather conditioner.  Conditioner penetrates the skin of the leather and moisturizes it, so that it stays flexible, watertight and less prone to dryness and cracking.  

  • Simply massage the conditioner over the body of the product and then use a cloth to wipe off any excess.  
  • Repeat the process approximately every 6 months unless you live in a drier climate where you may want to do it every 3 months or so.  
  • Storing your leather in a cool, damp place will also help prevent dryness.       
  • Small scuffs or dents in the leather can be remedied by rubbing a very small amount of conditioner over the affected area and then gently massaging it in.  It can take a day or two before you see a noticeable difference, so be patient.

To ensure that you do not damage your products, please use the conditioner available in our store.  If you use another brand, we cannot guarantee that the product will remain damage-free.


Polish is unnecessary if you’re already using a good conditioner.  In fact, polishing incorrectly or too frequently can actually result in damage to the material.  We do not recommend polishing your Sharkborough products.

If you must use polish, be careful to check the moisture content in each product because different levels will have varying effects, depending on the type of leather.  Polishing should be kept to a minimum and should only ever be done after conditioning.

Removing Stains

Stains are inevitable with regular use, but we can keep them ruining our favorite products with a few key tips.  

  • Avoid scrubbing and heavy chemical treatments that can harm the finish or make the stain worse.  
  • Leather cleaning product can remove stubborn stains, but they can also damage and dry out the material, so it’s generally not recommended that you purchase any.  
  • Please consult a professional if you cannot a remove a particular stain through traditional safe methods.  
  • Do not machine wash under any circumstances.      

Preventing Moisture Damage

Sooner or later, life forces us into the rain or snow, and while we might weather the elements well, our leather doesn’t always make it out unscathed.  

  • If the leather becomes very wet, use a moist cloth and blot or dab away the liquid.  
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing motions.  
  • Gently wiping your bag down on a daily basis will also prevent moisture build-up.      
  • Always air dry your leather.  Using a blow dryer or other similar tools to speed up the process can damage the material.